Jun 13, 2012

FriendShip Quotes

Friendship is a happy thing, it makes us sing, it makes us dance, it makes us laugh, it makes us sad,  it makes us cry, it makes us seek the reason,  it makes us take it to us, & Most importantly, it makes us live.
Friendship quotes

Sweet Heart is a special word for love. Love is a special word for care. Care is a special word for friend. Friend is a special word 4u only.

True friendship is not always comw when they talk to each other is common but when the silence between them is comfortable

I'm not your friend first, I'm not your friend last! But I hope I'm still your 'GOOD FRIEND'.
Friendship Quotes

Never forget your friends when ur in a relationship. If you get too involved and neglect your friends, you will always lose.

False friends are easy to find and easy to lose, but true friends are the hardest to find and harder to lose.

You can not have a good relationship with someone if you can not be too.And friends, you should always treat friends with respect and loyalty.

Friendship means understanding, forgiveness is not an average agreement.It, forgetting.It not mean that memories last, even if contact is lost.

Why a group called Circle of Friends Friend! ..... Year-end A 4-Square, Triangle A 3-ends, the line-A 2-ends.CIRCLE has no end.

A friend knows there is something wrong with how you act, but a best friend can say, through a simple text message.

U r smart and good humor, I thank God I'm a friend like u. Feel happy! Do not be! He was sent to me, I just wanted u 2 read it.

Count your life by smiles, not by tears, Count your age by friends not by years.

This world is too small and is divided into two parts: "Guys and Gals" Guys want 2 be with'your name'and gals want to be the name like'your ".

Thousand words of a teacher does not hurt .... But the silence of a frnd in the examination room brings tears to your eyes ...

I hope you finally understand that I will love you until the end, because you are not only my daughter, you are also my best friend.

A good friend says your hand when you need it. But a true friend that says you ....

True friends are wrong with the truth instead of destroying them with lies.

A best friend is someone who thinks you're a good egg even though he knows you are slightly cracked.

Best friends are people that make your problems their problems so that you do not have to go through alone.

When you are on top, you do not know who your friends are are.When you are at the bottom, your friends do not know who you are.

Just because I'm a strong person .... does not mean I do not break down when you walk away ...

My best friend is the best pain killer.The ingredients are simple, caring and sharing.

Friends are people who walk into your life by accident, but stay on purpose.

A good friend will laugh at the things you're best friend will laugh at the things saying.A you think.

A true friend will fight with you for hours to solve a problem, everyone else just walk away when there is a problem.

False friends are like a shadow, they are with you while you're in the sun, but leaves you the minute you cross into the shade.

A successful relationship depends not only on how good understanding we have ... but depend more on how better we avoid misunderstanding.

Have someone who can make u reach great heights, is someone who good.but that can hold u when u fall from a greater height is a gift of

You are the spark of my eyes. The smile on my lips The joy of my face, I'm incomplete without you.

FRIENDS means First Relative In  All, Emotions Never says  Difficulty in any Situation.

U as a frnd is enough to enjoy a lifetime, But a lifetime is not enough to enjoy with a frnd like u.

My sms are few, my heart is true. I get lots of new friends, but not as sweet as YOU. I never try 2 remember u, bcoz I will never forget you.

There is nothing in the world that can compare to the stomach that you get to laugh too hard with your best friends.

"Life can give us a number of beautiful friends! But .. "Only true friends can give us a good life .." One of my true friend is "U".

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