Jun 24, 2012

Friendship Quotes images

Friendship Quotes

Friendship Quotes

A friend is someone who knows everything about you and loves you still

Friendship quotes, friends

Silence makes the real conversations between friends. Not say, but the need never to say that the charges

Friendship quotes

There is nothing better than a friend,
unless he is a friend of chocolate

Friendship quotes

There is nothing I would not do for those 
who are really my friends. I have no notion 
of loving people by halves, it's not my 

Friendship quotes

You are my best friend and my lover, and  
do not know which side of you that  
I love most. I cherish each side, as  
 I have treasured our life together

Friendship quotes

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, 
like art .... He has no survival value, but 
rather one of those things that give value 
to survival

Friendship quotes

You can spend a lifetime and make new 
friends every year - every month practically 
- but there is never any substitute for the 
friendships of childhood that survive into 
adulthood. These are those in which we are 
bound together with hoops of steel


Never leave a friend behind. Friends are all 
we have to help us through this life - and 
they are the only things of this world we 
could hope to see in the next.


Friend is one, Who. (F) inds in a ush U (R) individuals 

(I) u 2 nspires do something in life, 

catch ur (E) motions and 

(N) ever leaves till U (D) eath


A successful Friendship depends not only on how good

 understanding we have ... but depends more on how

 better we avoid misunderstanding


Friends are people who walk into your life by accident, 

but stay on purpose.

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